What are skittles?!

Skittles was a common form of bowling in European pubs since the fourteenth century. Played with a cheese wheel shaped bowling ball aptly named the cheese and nine pins called skittles shaped like an American football with the ends chopped off. Players had three shots to knock down as many pins as possible and each knocked over pin would earn them a point. Rules varied widely even from one pub to the next.

The saying ‘beer and skittles’ was first referenced in literature by Charles Dickens in his Pickwick Papers in 1837 when he said, “It’s a reg’lar holiday to them – all porter and skittles.” Later in 1857 Thomas Hughes writes that, “Life isn’t all beer and skittles.” My modern day equivalent of the phrase would be, “Life isn’t all fun and games.” My won’t be all fun and games, but it will be Beer and Skittl.es!

About Me

I got interested in beer in craft beer while studying graphic design my sophomore year at Chapman University. Located in Orange County, there was always a new brewery popping up with some great offerings. By my senior year, I was already learning to homebrew. Currently, I have around 50 gallons of assorted ciders and beers fermenting while I’m on the road for these couple of months. Luckily, I got to meet Rick and Amanda from Stereo Brewing just before they opened up shop and got my foot in the door to the beer industry. Always full of energy and great ideas, I’m sure you’ll be hearing tons more from Stereo soon.

If you’re a brewer or own a brewery and are looking for a designer, shoot me an email through the contact form!

The Inspiration

Published in late October, 2015, FlowingData published an article that used an algorithm to make the shortest route possible between the RateBeer top 100 breweries in the world. I always dreamed of one day being able to make this trip. In the Spring of 2016, friends inundated me with links for World of Beer’s Drink it Intern. I made my submission video and ended up being a finalist, but didn’t make the final cut. This summer I realized everything had lined up for me to go on the trip. I sucked it up and traded in my first car for something more…practical. I headed out on the road with my truck on August 24th and haven’t looked back since!